Welcome to the Bamboo Fly Rod Network

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This site is to create a community of collectors, restorers, builders, fly fishing enthusiasts around the world that appreciate and collect bamboo fly rods as well as casting and spinning rods.

Museum, Forum & Store Under Construction

Reducing my collection of bamboo rods to my core collection and will be selling rods that don't fit into my collection.. As I catalog and photograph them, I will post all of the rods images to the gallery to create the first online Bamboo Fly Rod Museum. I would encourage other collectors to become part of the museum and to contribute quality images and detailed information of their collectible rods to the gallery for today's fellow collectors and for future collectors.

I collect Montague and the George Varney/Varney Bros rods. An online store is being constructed to sell many quality vintage rods from Leonard, PH Young, Edwards, Heddon, Granger, Phillipson and many other of the pre-WWII famous rod makers that are exception rods, but are not related to my Montague collection. Also fly reels and components for restoration or building new bamboo rods. In particular, we have virtually every silk color that is listed in the Bamboo Restoration Handbook by Michael Sinclair. The components and threads will help many rod owners restore their favorite bamboo rods and get them back into service and onto the waters again.

This Site Under Construction

Please excuse the mess. I'm learning Dreamweaver while building this site, so expect slow going.


    1. Wordpress blog app installed.
    2. A couple e-commerce store apps installed for testing
    3. A couple different gallery programs have been installed to test.
    4. The museum/archive has been installed - now testing and working on theme and plugins.
    5. Montague Collection Archive installed
    6. phpBB Forum app installed
    7. Editing Home Page
    8. Oct. 20 ~ Photo Gallery added

Projected Launch date: January 1, 2013